Evolution studio company is starts working in 1999.Evolution studios developing the PS$ racing Drive Club had shutdown. Franchises like Motor Strom and World Rally Championship was also responsible for this issue.

Evaluation studio acquired by Sony in the year 2008.now it’s time for closing of studio by Sony. This decision is due to reconstructing and remodeling of European studios.

The decision may cause inconvenience to customers and working staff. But this is final decision taken by Sony.

Drive Club going to be shut down By Sony

We just considered the reviews on our Studios. The reviews are common for the all the studios. The quality, innovative thoughts and value projects can create a competitive world among studios. To improve our reviews we need to reconstruct European Studios.

And proper and necessary precautions need to take for the European studios. For the reasons mentioned. We just closed the Evolution studio .for better improvement. Sony wants to change the staff and recruit new talented staff for the studio. We will work out for the company for best movie streaming sites uplift and company development.

We need to make new look for the company with reconstructing European studios. Higher officials said.

They also concluded that we just taken a good decision. Now people using new good night wallpaper with sony phone too.But the projects are running on, but my studio become shutdown. But now it is necessary for the studios in future.

We will sure provide a best quality for customers. If possible we will think about the relocation of staff on other projects. If projects are not there for studios, we just assist staff and make them to convince.

We just took care about the staff. Because we do not want to cause inconvenience to them with my decision, if no project is there for company. We just convince them. Any information regarding this matter just clicks on below.


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One of the Xbox One components that clearly outmatches and out-values the PlayStation 4 on all fronts is the retrogressive compatibility mode. The element has been highly praised here and there the isle by gamers over all stages, and Microsoft has quite recently included two or three more games to the constantly developing list. The two games Dark Souls and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 were introduced to the series of Xbox games.

Dark Souls and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Games added to List of Xbox

The timing is fairly well-suited given that Dark Souls III dispatches in Japan on March 24th and in the early first 50% of April in the West. Bandai Namco offered these two titles up for Xbox One gamers both digitally and as an approach to play them physically on Microsoft’s framework.

Two More Games Added to the List of Xbox

This will give Xbox One proprietors who didn’t play the principal game some an opportunity to make up for lost time and find out about the game play mechanics, the legend and the world that From Software made for the title such a large number of years before.

The Trail Version is available for both games

If clients pre-request Dark Souls III for the Xbox One you will get a free copy of Dark Souls… the first one from the Xbox 360. This will permit you to get a two-for-one in the bundle when pre-requesting.

It similarly offers newcomers to the establishment some assistance with learning about what all the build-up is about and encountering the game for themselves firsthand. If you still have your original Xbox 360 disc you can just plop it into your Xbox One and download a copy of the game to the Xbox One’s hard drive.

The games will be available soon after the games Grid 2 and Dark Void, and Assassin’s Creed are introduced. These new games were also added to the list to build the library of the Xbox One’s backward compatible similarity. They might be oldies yet some gamers might need to encounter the first Assasin’s Creed that Jade Raymond delivered that wound up turning into a brand marvel for Ubisoft.

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Quantum Break is the most awaited game from Microsoft, it is the action and most thrilling game ever. The game is expected to release this year. The game is expected to release on 5th of April 2016. Hence all the gaming lovers can stay tuned to the release of the game.

The Remedy Entertainment, Quantum Break’s developer has already announced that the Quantum Break is going to occupy more space, Also the game was supposed to cut the screen space when playing.

Quantum Break for Xbox One to cross 120GB Space

Remedy says that the cut-scene group is so expansive attributable to the way of the game, wherein the cut-scenes play out naturally relying upon your activities.

Considering that a large number people are on restricted information packs and the way that the circle version of the game will not include in the “episode pack”, clients are in for a huge download. In the case of nothing else, it’s about time that you did some house-cleaning on the Xbox One to clear up adequate space.

Quantum Break Game Space and Release Date

The pack basically contains every one of the recordings required for the cut-scenes on Xbox One (1080p just), yet arrives in a weighty, 75GB bundle. The game itself is relied upon to be another 60GB, implying that you have to get ready for a 120GB+ download on your Xbox One.

Gamers raised a shout about it and it’s pleasant to see that Remedy has helped the issue (moderate applaud) by permitting Xbox One clients to download the supposed “Scene Pack.” One marvels what the destiny of PC clients is to be, considering that they’re going to profit by 4K video. Ideally,

PC clients will likewise get the alternative to pre-load the huge information dump much sooner than the game discharges, which is 5 April 2016. Hope the gaming lovers will enjoy good action game with the opening of ‘Quantum Break’ game.

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The Chinese handset maker Xiaomi has finally launched their new flagship smart phone called Mi 5 in the country India.

The smart phone which is said to have three internal storage options, and among them the firm has bring out only the 32 GB variant in the country India at which is priced at Rs 24,999. This latest flagship smart phone is said to go on sales on 6th April and will be available on the website Mi.com.

New Flagship Mobile Mi 5 Design Details

The Xiaomi Mi 5 is said to be inspired by the Mi Note design. The new flagship phone will have curved edges and has a thin metal frame having a 3D ceramic body that is said to be wear resistant, durable, as well as makes you feel like a marble.

As per the VP Hugo Barra of Xiaomi, the 3D ceramic body is said to be 75 per cent more costly than that of a 3D glass.

Xiaomi Launches New Flagship Phone Mi 5 at Rs 24,999 in India

Features and Spec of Xiaomi Mi 5

Said to be “insanely fast”, the Xiaomi Mi 5 is powered up with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 64-bit quad-core chipset, having the new Snapdragon processor which is said to offer 200 per cent better performance with nearly 50 percent decrease in consumption of power. The device along with processor comes with 3 GB of RAM. The Mi 5 ships with MIUI 7 is said to run on Android Marshmallow Operating System.

The Mi 5 sports Sony IMX298 16 MP sensor having dual-tone LED flash, OIS, PDAF along with the 4K video recording and 4 megapixel front camera having the 2um pixel size.

The smart phone has a 3000 mAh battery with Quick Charge 3.0 technology of the Qualcomm. The phone also features 5.15-inch QHD display having 2560×1440 pixels resolution.

It too added a front fingerprint sensor for the Mi 5. Other specifications of the Mi 5 include the 4G LTE with the support of VoLTE along with the dual SIM support. The Mi 5 comes in three different color options and they are gold, black and white.

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When Google was adding lots of features for their Photos app, this one has been shown on an odd day i.e., 1st April. In what past seemed like the special of April Fools by the tech giant Google, now the users of the Google photos can now start searching the images with the help of the emoji icons. Gmail Mic Down prank of the Google has surely did not go down that well, this new feature on the Photos will surely make up for it and it is real.

Working of Search Using Emoji in Google Photos

Whether you believe it or not, now you can enter an emoji of a burger in the search box of your photos app of the Google and with that you can actually find the burger photos that you have searched or clicked in the past. This new feature is said to literally allow the users for searching through their Google Photos app with the help of the emoji that has been announced through their blog post on the Google+.

Google Photos Now Allows Users Search Using Emoji

This feature is said to work pretty well and the users not only sees the results of the image that are similar to that particular emoji that they have given in the search inputs, but also the other pictures which in close relevant to them. If you just enter an umbrella in the search bar, along with the umbrella photos, you will also be able to see images or the pictures of the rainy day. It is such an impressive thing right.

Late Innovative Features by Google

It is all about skills of the recognition and Google tech giant has been introducing such new features lately which will allow their users for taking the advantage of all the brains that are behind this service. As of now it is not that clear i.e., whether Google is just testing out this new emoji search feature or whether it is going to make this feature permanent in the Google photos app.

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Here is the interesting news for the car lovers. Mahindra and Mahindra have launched their compact SUV NuvoSports car at a starting price of Rs.7.35 lakhs. There are two drive models available in this new car. They are power and economy.

Engine specialty

This NuvoSports car is built with a 1.5 liter,3 cylindrical mHawk diesel engines is merged to a 5-speed gear box and consists of 100bp of power. The torque of this car is 240Nm.the engine capacity is same as the old model of Mahindra’s car. But the difference is cost and positioning. The cost of this car is Rs.7.35 lakhs.

Present Chief executive officer cum president of Mahindra’s and Mahindra’s said that, This NuvoSports car is the replacement for the former branded car (Quanto).he added that, Quanto is not failed.it is responsibility to upgraded to the new market thoughts.

Mahindra & Mahindra launches SUV NuvoSports Car

Another model is TUV 300, it is equipped with 1.5 liter diesel engine but the cost is lower than NuvoSports car. We are offering the variety of models to the different customers.

This car has rich features with Sport SUV, Nair added

Shan said that, My Company has invested Rs.115 crores to develop this NuvoSports car. This car is designed and implemented in the Chennai R&D(research and development) center. It has been spend 2 years for to design this NuvoSports Car.

Booking Opened

Those who want to purchase this new NuvoSports car they need to book this car through online or offline. For online people Mahindra and Mahindra provide site. Offline customers need to visit the nearer branch office of Mahindra and Mahindra.

Reasonable Cost

The cost of this Mahindra’s car is not higher when compared to the some featured cars. This car will give the tough competition to the remaining cars that are available in the market.

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