Drive Club going to be shut down By Sony

Evolution studio company is starts working in 1999.Evolution studios developing the PS$ racing Drive Club had shutdown. Franchises like Motor Strom and World Rally Championship was also responsible for this issue.

Evaluation studio acquired by Sony in the year it’s time for closing of studio by Sony. This decision is due to reconstructing and remodeling of European studios.

The decision may cause inconvenience to customers and working staff. But this is final decision taken by Sony.

Drive Club going to be shut down By Sony

We just considered the reviews on our Studios. The reviews are common for the all the studios. The quality, innovative thoughts and value projects can create a competitive world among studios. To improve our reviews we need to reconstruct European Studios.

And proper and necessary precautions need to take for the European studios. For the reasons mentioned. We just closed the Evolution studio .for better improvement. Sony wants to change the staff and recruit new talented staff for the studio. We will work out for the company for best movie streaming sites uplift and company development.

We need to make new look for the company with reconstructing European studios. Higher officials said.

They also concluded that we just taken a good decision. Now people using new good night wallpaper with sony phone too.But the projects are running on, but my studio become shutdown. But now it is necessary for the studios in future.

We will sure provide a best quality for customers. If possible we will think about the relocation of staff on other projects. If projects are not there for studios, we just assist staff and make them to convince.

We just took care about the staff. Because we do not want to cause inconvenience to them with my decision, if no project is there for company. We just convince them. Any information regarding this matter just clicks on below.


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