Google Photos Now Allows Users Search Using Emoji

When Google was adding lots of features for their Photos app, this one has been shown on an odd day i.e., 1st April. In what past seemed like the special of April Fools by the tech giant Google, now the users of the Google photos can now start searching the images with the help of the emoji icons. Gmail Mic Down prank of the Google has surely did not go down that well, this new feature on the Photos will surely make up for it and it is real.

Working of Search Using Emoji in Google Photos

Whether you believe it or not, now you can enter an emoji of a burger in the search box of your photos app of the Google and with that you can actually find the burger photos that you have searched or clicked in the past. This new feature is said to literally allow the users for searching through their Google Photos app with the help of the emoji that has been announced through their blog post on the Google+.

Google Photos Now Allows Users Search Using Emoji

This feature is said to work pretty well and the users not only sees the results of the image that are similar to that particular emoji that they have given in the search inputs, but also the other pictures which in close relevant to them. If you just enter an umbrella in the search bar, along with the umbrella photos, you will also be able to see images or the pictures of the rainy day. It is such an impressive thing right.

Late Innovative Features by Google

It is all about skills of the recognition and Google tech giant has been introducing such new features lately which will allow their users for taking the advantage of all the brains that are behind this service. As of now it is not that clear i.e., whether Google is just testing out this new emoji search feature or whether it is going to make this feature permanent in the Google photos app.

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